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Gear Chamfering Machine


This is a machine for angle chamfering of transmission clutch teeth(involute spline).


  1. Due to vertical construction, the machine is suitable for space saving and line formation.
  2. NC indexing system is adopted.
  3. Cutter head against work head is moved up and down for chamfering operation.
  4. Work head retracts approx.
    200mm upon completion of machining. Mounting / dismounting of workpiece will be easy.
  5. For chucking of workpiece and driving work head, hydraulic force is used. (Hydraulu tank unit is installed separately.)


  • Machined gear diameter : 50 - 110mm
  • Machined gear modules : 1 - 3
  • Machine teeth number : 18 - 60
  • Chamfering angle 90°- 120°
  • Electric motors
    Up and down slide : 1.8kW AC servo motor (With brake)
    Cutter : 1.5kW 4P
    Hydraulic : 0.75kW 4P
    Coolant oil pump : 400W 2P
    Indexing : Mega-torque motor (NSK)
  • Machining time : MAX.0.8sec./tooth
  • Floor area : 1,300x2,300
  • Weight : Approx. 3,000kg

Special Attachment

  1. 2-axis cutter head, Fixed and adjustable types
  2. Cutter
  3. Fixture jig
  4. Outer teeth positioning device


This is the machine to chamfer internal tooth and external tooth of the gear.

This machine is equipped with the epoch-making mechanism to efficiently chamfer the unequal double angle of gear tooth as well as the double angle chamfering in which the conventional machine is hard to make the simultaneous chamfering.


  1. The independent cutter spindle can make each different angle. (Angle indication by encoder)
  2. The cutter axis space can be easily set with the linear gauge and degital indicaion mode.
  3. NC control system can finely adjust the index of workpiece, cutter position and drill.


  • Chamfering gear tooth diameter : 50 - 110mm
  • Workpiece module : 1 - 3M
  • Chamfering angle : 90°- 120°
  • Motor :
    Lengthwise cutter feed : Two AC servo motors(1kW)
    Vertical cutter feed : Two AC servo motors(1kW)
    Cutter axis : 0.75kW 4P (2axes)
    Hydraulic pressure : 1.5kW 4P
    Coolant oil : 0.4kW 2P
  • Chamfering time : Max. 0.8sec/tooth
    (differs by chamfering angle, module.)
  • Floor area : 1,400x2,500mm
  • Weight : About 3,000kg