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Gear Chamfering Machine


This model features auto loading with work set to V-receiver and rolling chamfering of acute angle tooth end automatically by program set in advance. Simultaneously, it can remove the burr of tooth end by spring type roller cutter.


This model features the rolling chamfering of acute angle tooth end of multiple helical gear for shaft, etc., with high efficiency.

  1. Work drive system is adopted to index the gear automatically by sensor and engage the cutter smoothly.
  2. No cutting depth position stopper is required by NC system.
  3. The station turret cutter head is adopted to machine four different gears.
  4. Cutting depth position is freely set.
  5. No cutter change by work replacement is required.
  6. Spring type reburring roller is changeable in 3-stage.
  7. Jig of both centers can be processed only work too.


  1. Chamfering module     1.5 to 4M
  2. Max.shaft length     400mm
  3. X-axis stroke     200mm
  4. Y-axis stroke     160mm
  5. Z-axis strike     350mm
  6. NC device     FANUCOM