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Gear Chamfering Machine

Gear Pecker

The pecker simultaneously removes both face burrs occurred when helical gear and flat gear are cut.


  1. Can be machined in high accuracy. Drive is applied from work index axis side and a gear train mechanism is not provided. Thus, backlash on the index axis is eliminated. As a result, the obtuse-angle helical gear can be dhamfered in high accuracy.
  2. Can be operated in high efficiency. The compact system is consists of the roller cam unit and harmonic drive deceleration gear at the index portion, and ball spline and spiral bevel gear.
  3. The machine is the cutter head movement type. Since the work head and tail stock are a fixed type, auto loading and unloading systems are securely operated, thus eliminating time loss.
  4. The cutter relief mechanism lifts the cutter at the cutter swing eng.
    Therefore, burry does not occur on the tooth face when the cutter returns.
  5. The system made of high rigidity material does not sound and vibrate during operation, prolonging cutter life.
  6. Special com curve mode allows the system to process in high speed.
  7. The width of the compact system is 1200mm or less. Therefore, the system can be installed in a small space.


  1. Maximum machining module     4
  2. Diameter for max. machining pitch     150m/m
  3. Maximum machining gear width     45m/m
  4. Number of max. machining gears     280gears/min
  5. Main motor     1.5kW (with Sumitomo cycle accelerator and brake) Controlled by inverter.
  6. Hydraulic pump motor     1.5kW
    Coolant pump motor     0.4kW
    Lubrication pump motor     0.07kW
    Installation area     W 1190mm × L 1600mm
    (including coolant tank, hydraulic tank and chip box.)

Special attachments

Change gear set, mounting tools, byte, byte holder, tool preset gauge, auto loader/unloader device, magnet separator, change gear base set for stage, etc.